Contract of basic terms and conditions for holiday home rentals provided by intermediary Marie-Josée Tintinger 

(valid from 01.01.2018 on)

Marie-Josée Tintinger acts only as a broker/intermediary between the owner or administrator of a property and a client.

When a booking confirmation is issued a lease agreement between the owner and the client comes into being on the basis of the accounting records, the publication on the internet and the following rules and regulations:

1. Booking

On request of the clients, Marie-Josée Tintinger reserves a holiday home and provides the client with: a booking form (rental contract and mediation mandate), these terms of trade and the owner’s/administrator’s terms of trade. 
By returning the booking form the client accepts the contract and the terms of the transaction. Following this Marie-Josée Tintinger confirms the booking and a lease agreement between the owner and the client comes into being.
The client receives a booking confirmation with all information about arrival, payments, contact numbers and key holder.

2. Payment

The customer agrees to pay the entire contracted cost by the time specified. A deposit of approximately 25 % is to be paid to the intermediary. The final payment of the remaining 75% must be paid in cash upon receipt of the keys to the holiday home or, over a week in advance by bank transfer to the landlord's bank account. The deposit/pre-payment can be paid by bank transfer or credit card to the intermediary. For credit card payments an extra fee of 4% of the quoted amount is charged for bank expenses.

3. Cancellations

Cancellations before arrival should be arranged with Marie-Josée Tintinger in writing. The date of receipt of the cancellation will affect the client's reimbursement.
Arrangements regarding the reimbursement are specified in the terms of trade of the owner/administrator that are forwarded with booking form.
A client has the right to propose a replacement tenant.

 Responsibility and liability exclusion

Marie-Josée Tintinger always checks the standard of the offered accommodation but doesn’t take responsibility for the actions of the owners or administrators. Marie-Josée Tintinger acts solely as an agent and cannot accept liability for circumstances outside its reasonable control, such as the breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, infestation by pests, or damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions (causing storm damage or water shortage), or from actions taken by local councils and public utilities (such as, road mending and other maintenance/building works), or from irregular actions taken by neighboring property owners (such as building work or maintenance), or the owner's negligence. Nor can he accept liability for local noise occasioned by neighboring properties or village fiestas.

5. Booking modifications

If you wish to modify a confirmed booking, Marie-Josée Tintinger will do its best to make the change for you. Please note that booking amendments are subject to an administration charge of 40 EUR, and that significant changes (to the dates of booking, for example) may constitute cancellation. Booking deposits are not transferable from one property to another.

6. Complaints

If you have any problems with your holiday home please try to contact the landlord or administrator. Usually they will do their upmost to resolve all problems. In case of communication problems (some of the landlords only speak Spanish), please call 0034 958993852 or -1 and we will try to help and to mediate without any extra charge.

7. Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to German law and to the jurisdiction of the German courts.


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